We have a well-defined governance structure that has promoted sound stewardship and accountability with separation of financial management from pastoral ministry.

In accordance with our Constitution, the church governance structure is as follows:

· The Annual Delegates Conference (ADC) – which is the supreme governing organ of the Church.

· The Regional Annual General Meetings (RAGMs) which operate at the regions. The RAGMs with the assistance of the Deacon Board prepares and processes decisions for approval and ratification by the ADC as appropriate. The decisions of the RAGMs are subject to approval by the ADC.

· The Deacon Board – consists of twelve members elected by the AGM to oversee all the legal and administrative matters of the Church. The Board is responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the ADC and RAGMs.

· The Council of Elders safeguards the vision and mission of the Church and oversees all spiritual matters of the Church.

· The Management of CITAM’s affairs is executed under the supervision of the Presiding Bishop who provides oversight to the Church assemblies through the Senior Pastors and ministry coordinators.

The Presiding Bishop, who is the Chairman of the ADC and the RAGMs, also provides supervision of CITAM’s administration that includes the ministry operations and management of business units through the Director For Administration (DFA).

Legal custody of CITAM’s real property is entrusted to a Trust, with the Trustees being appointed by delegates of the Annual Delegates Conference (ADC).