Who we are

Our Mission

“To know God and to make Him known through evangelism and discipleship”

        Our Vision

“A Community of Believers Impacting the World with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the transforming Power of the Holy Spirit”

Core Values

1.  We Uphold Family

2. We Value Partnership

3. We Embrace Unity

1. Live in Holiness

2. Pursue Excellence

3. Practice Honesty


1. Individual – Intentional Discipleship

2. Institutional- Servant Leadership

3. Societal – Advocacy and Social Action

1. To God

2. To one Another

3. To Government


1. To the Lost – Grace and Mercy

2. To the Least – Love and Compassion

3. To the Last – Dignity and Respect

Who are we?

We are:

  1. A Pentecostal Church totally submitted to the Blessed Holy Spirit.
  2. An English speaking Church targeting the urban populace.
  3. Missions oriented, with an outreach to the wider community within their context.
  4. A community of believers, open to people of all tribes, races and social-strata of the community.
  5. A Church with a ministry approach that is holistic; we seek to reach out to the whole person with the life changing Gospel.